Hi, welcome to my new blog. As you may have noticed, this is my first blogpost.

I’ve wanted to start a blog in a while, so now I did it! And I’ve decided that it’s gonna be anonymous blog, that is why it’s called JoOnline. So, in this post I just wanted to share why I started the blog.  Let’s begin!

The reason why I started this blog!

Well it started, because I like to read blogs, and I thought I could be fun to have one myself. And I really like to take pictures, and on the blogs I read, there is a lot of pretty pictures, and there is also gonna be some on my blog. And most of my inspiration I get from Zoella(Zoe Sugg), I really like to watch her youtube videos, and read her blogs. But, as you can see this is not a long list of reasons, I just thought it could be fun to have a blog.

So, this is gonna be a very short post, but as I said, this is my first blogpost ever, and that is pretty much it! Please follow my blog, if you like it, and I will hopefully come with another post next week;)

Bye x